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🎊Happy Birthday to Erwin and Blue!!🎊 Quite rare for me to do a painting with a short sized canvas. Normally it’s a B4…
Anyways I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend and I’ll send you a Erwin surprise cake for you @lustfulcat. 😂 “Surprise, honey!“💪💪💪


Happy Birthday to you!!! May your days be filled with Asamis with their hair down, alive and well Erwins and Yashiros who get their happily ever after with Doumeki <3

THIS ASK IS A BLESSED ASK.  OMG alive and well Erwin alone would make my year. But Yashiro with both working arms and Hair-Down-Asamis? ajsgkagsaksgkas

Thank you so much!  ♥


Hellooo!! First of all thank you for existing! You give us precise infos about yoneda-sensei! Do you know If you buy it from a store in japan do you get something with it??? Like goodies or something, and if yes what are those stores? In Tokyo? Thank you so much!


Hello and thank you! ;3 Yes, you will get extras if you buy Saezuru volume 5 from certain stores. The extras vary from store to store. This time there will be mini envelopes, postcards, paper coasters, clear files and one store has a 4-page leaflet. Usually you will get the extras in most stores of a chain, so not only in Tokyo. From some stores you can also order online, but not all of them ship internationally.

I will post a list with links to the stores that ship internationally once we get to see pictures of the extras. Because if you order from one store and later find out that you like the extra of another store better, it can be a pain in the ass to cancel your first order. There is absolutely no need to rush, because pre-orders aren’t limited.

For everyone who doesn’ t want to wait for my post, here is a link of the stores that will have extras for volume 5 (all Japanese). We have the usual suspects Animate, Toranoana, Comicomi Studio, Horinlovebooks and a few more.

No extras have been announced for the fanbook.

Anonymous asked:

Okay I somehow still don't get it. Why exactly did Hirata kill Kurobane? What was his reason for it? Or did he just hate him?:o


Because he was jealous of him. Hirata was stuck under his incapable asshole of a boss Someya, without a chance to make a career in the group, while Kurobane could work for Misumi. The smart and cool Misumi, the second-in-command of their group who would without doubt climb to one of the top positions in the syndicate one day. With a boss like that Hirata could also make it far in the group. But he also admired Misumi as a man and simply wanted to be acknowledged by him. Hirata was looking for a strong father figure who could also push his career, not some wimp like Someya. Misumi is a natural leader and is respected by his subordinates without having to beat them up like Someya does. Hirata saw how Kurobane admired and loved Misumi. Kurobane who had been working for Misumi for 15 years and knew everything about him. That was the place in the sun Hirata wanted. But there was no way to get in between Misumi and Kurobane, so the latter had to go.

If you look at the pages with the funeral you can see how Hirata is jealous of Amou too. And now he is jealous of Yashiro. He’s jealous of everyone who gets the special treatment from Misumi. Misumi smells his greed and doesn’t really seem to like him. But Hirata sacrificed himself, and offered to go to jail for the incident during which he killed Kurobane. And if you sacrifice yourself for your group/your boss, you can expect a reward. (That’s why Nanahara asked for a blowjob from Yashiro in ch. 20 btw) So, Misumi as an honorable man was more or less obliged to take Hirata under his w ings. Also, Hirata was a loyal subordinate to him and proved quite capable it seems, so Misumi made him the leader of Shinseikai, when he himself moved up to Doushinkai.

But he’s been keeping him at arm’s length all along and out of the real career positions. Nobody can ever replace Kurobane in his eyes, not even Yashiro. But Yashiro is the one Misumi wants as his successor, so he’s been pushing him, while Hirata was watching and waiting for his chance to get Yashiro out of the way.


Happy Birthday!! @lustfulcat

Thank you for being such an incredible person! For always giving from your own time to bring us new saezuru chapters~ Have a great day! Love you loads 💙

You’re the best, TAL!  I know it’s time to work on these but it’s a labor of love. And my evil plan is to bring more followers to Yoneda Kou since she’s my one True God. THE PLAN IS WORKING MWUAHAHAHA.  ♥




Happy Birthday to @lustfulcat ~ here’s Yashiro with a ribbon as a present!

P.S. Please return to the boyfriend bodyguard afterwards.

P.P.S. Thank you for all your hard work for the saezuru fandom~ *fangirls*

HOLY SHIT!! I hope we’ll be able to resurrect her after she sees this.


Happy Birthday!! 💖💖

(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡ Happy Birthday @lustfulcat / @world-war-eruri Let the Strip-Karaoke begin! 🎂🥂


sorry lustfulcat can’t be reached, she has died from this fanart, please send flowers.

This is like…so fucking good I can’t breathe THANK YOU SO MUCH I mean THAT BOW IS JUST I wanna pull it. THE BOW I MEAN THE BOW. Also I need Doumeki to come pick up Yashiro when I’m done, just so I could see him in person and drool hahahahaha

You draw our son so w ell, Yoneda Kou should see this she’d be like YES QUEEN. Again thank you so much for this I want it painted on my wall.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday ajsgkagskag I just woke up to all these lovely messages. YOU GUYS. I am so lucky to be part of such a warm and thirsty fandom, I hope you all know how much I appreciate you.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I wish there were teleporters so we could have our own convention. How rad would that be?

Since there are a bunch of new followers, welcome! Just so you know:

- I have  (today is Erwin Smith’s birthday too adfhsfhsfjasf) and r that is 150% shitposting.

- I write smut. I have an AO3 that is all Saezuru and Eruri but if you’re hungering for some old stuff I used to write Yu Yu Hakusho filth.

I also publish original m/m erotica on Amazon.  I’m currently writing my first contemporary gay romance novel and if you want news on that, or a FREE SEXY STORY RIGHT NOW you can join my Sonia Blue newsletter. It is and always will be free to join and I will never spam you; the most you’ll get is one newsletter a month.

Smushy-and-tear-filled thanks to all of you again and I hope everyone has a great autumn-y weekend!  ♥



Yashiro from Saezuru Tori.


Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Chapter 28 in English.zip


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Translation: Steve #3

Special thanks to the amazing Saezuru Fandom!